I just use www.i-greenspace.com the site from Hineken Beer. They use social network marketing as a concept of this campaign with "6 degee friends connection" umm.. real cool concept.! and they also put music and life style marketing within in site.

Last 3 days ago, they selece some group of member to join their party. The concept is, They release only 300 tickets to all member, and who don’t have ticket and want togo the party. You have to get connect with the person who already got the ticket. (I don’t know what criteria they use to pick the lucky member?) 

But " I GOT THE TICKET" wow.!

Some of my friends try to connect to me to get the ticket.! this real cool concept again and related with Main Site concept "6 degree" 

i-Greenspace mobile

    They also have mobile application to let use connect to the site via mobile phone. Oh great idea. But I can’t use it? what da heck? with this site? in the download page they said go go wap.igreenspace.com hey..! I use my mobile to the site as the said. BUT I Can’t access it. Actually it should be wap.i-greenspace.com.. Why developer and designer leave the easy bug like this in this site.!

and then i can’t use my HTC Diamond download the app. This site dont’ have any suggestion or detail how to use it.! 

Anyway.! Why i’m type English in this article? umm i don’t know. Just after use want to write something in the site.!
if you have time let’s check http://www.i-greenspace.com and get connect to me with "pawoot" name. You will know the new campaign from Hineken Beer with Social Network and Mobile Marketing integration.